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PRG Promotion in the Ilhasol’ Anniversary month

The daylight saving time, making the beach days longer, the hot climate and the temperate seawater coming back to the beaches announce the start of the beach season. November represents the beginning of the virtual summer season offering all summer characteristics   without the usual high season crowd and with the advantage of low season fares and prices.

And, it is in November also that the Oceanic Cruises come back to the village pier, opening the 2016/2017 high peak season, and making the village full of life and beautiful people.

Even more, in November lhabela offers a pleasant climate, which is suitable to enjoy the multiple options Ilhabela offers, including a great diversity of beaches, water falls, thrills, and radical sports among others, or simply to abandon you to leisure and to nature watching.

In November the Ilhasol Hotel Pousada celebrates its anniversary offering the PRG promotion, making your visit to the island easier in its best season. Take advantage and make your reservation!

We support you to chose and contract any kind of promenade offered by local companies in the island like boat, jeep, trekking, waterfalls, etc.


Photos: Marcio Dufranc Photography - All Rights Reserved